my maverick

we met at a roadside rodeo

he was the runt with a trick

and we crossed the rangelands



my maverick was a one kick pony

shimmering in an aqua-marine skin

my maverick had no guts, or glory

his white pin-stripes galloped thin

no muscle in this pony mine

there wasn’t much to fear

a hundred, at the most, inline

blue smoke belched out his rear

chrome reins with rubber handles

matching black vinyl saddles

hubcap stirrups spun bojangled

white-walled hoofs, bald and mangled—

big Craig was his only power play

and Triumph laid it on the line

Van Halen danced the night away

my maverick ran real slick, so fine

my maverick ran me all the way


just my little maverick

the phony pony sick

he had that one kick

a hat trick— of love

gasoline, oil and a shove

gasoline, oil and a shove

gasoline, oil and a shove

he didn’t need no hay, hey? hey!


my maverick took me

‘cross the rangelands



a one kick pony day

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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