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21st century dharma bum

what does Jack know? Jack knows Jack what do I know? I don’t know Jack   I’ve been on a journey or two have I been a leader? a follower mostly and where has it taken me to? I’ve done some things or … Continue reading

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you have and have not

Martinique smuggling boat toss a bottle over the side your wet lips give you away you have and have not   Bogie’s wet lip is a cigarette lisp Harry’s hooded eyes are the big sleepy Bacall’s wet lip is a … Continue reading

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the white angels demoted

snow falls purely as dead virgin fairies wet-dry wings cold carcass-ings piling up on cold iron whence? accumulating evidence of elemental frozen genocides that lie clean and quiescent in iron countrysides— bent sleeping safe and translucent muffled icy, cryptic ringing this silent … Continue reading

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Dead Sure

The bottles looked almost identical, except for the labels. One read, ‘Canadian Club – Finest Rye Whiskey’. The other, ‘Dead Sure Vermin Killer’. Both had the same amount of amber liquid in them. Their plan could work. Beatrice squeaked: “Quick, chew the labels off!” … Continue reading

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lost surfer, Duke Williams

Big Man on a Little Stick lost surfer, Duke Williams rides a 5 day tsunami to Gilligan’s Island and back— to amnesia   Blue Juice snake barrel Point Break the surf guitar moans Dick Dale’s Del Tones Jan and Dean swerve … Continue reading

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Bullitt 1968

Frank Bullitt 1968 king cool is Steve McQueen blue eyes bleed intensity Mustang fastback green blonde screen idol in his prime just the uber-action man doing most of his own stunts driving hard in old San Fran   mob witness from Chicago … Continue reading

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