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Tuco takes a bath

waa-aa waa-aa waa!     waa waa waa   civil war cannons this town is just abandoned Tuco Ramirez grunts and huh’s? his eyes dart and he warily whuh’s? creeping in through bombed out walls this hotel has rubble in the halls … Continue reading

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Herbert’s homicide, or Margaret’s painting

I died playing a game didn’t I, Margaret?   gameboards without borders Margaret’s clues collide dirty nights and party slights is Herbert’s homicide   my wounds float on fire bars on her windows and I’m wrapped in barbwire the warning signs were … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Girl

the priest gave us a bottle shhhhh Kung Fu Girl is the name but can we thank the Germans for this secret agent dame? is this China wine from the Rhine? or a Riesling plant in Washington State? Father Norman, what’s your take? … Continue reading

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haibun for K.

These shiny cobblestones are sweating malignance. A misty fog swirls around dead trees, taunting. It’s ghost fingers beckon me. Why am I doing this now? Turns out, Prague is more interesting at night. Or so I say to comfort myself. … Continue reading

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