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met a guru

met a guru (yogi, i should say) in a veil and a turban of white from L.A. last night she was a charmer too (is, i should say)   she asked us to do many strange things with our bodies, … Continue reading

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spit it out

uhms and aahs with hands in pockets shuffle feet, slightly slouching mumble, mumble something, something— i shouldn’t bother with intros unless i write them i should just read the goddamn poem

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expensive smoke

polka dot crinolines tight skirts smokin’ leather jackets and lettermans t-shirts jokin’ paradin’ drive-ins is pick-up pimpin’ down in whitewall town the ducktails turn goofy hey, wanna get in? baby, come for a ride snuggle up, sweety close to my side … Continue reading

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on Madonna Drive

the leaves are falling on Madonna Drive Mission Hill’s in mist and I can’t see the cross at the top today   the old school house is locked looks like it stopped teaching long before this green was planted long before … Continue reading

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sidewalks #3

squatting on the hot sidewalk, feeling ripples in a sunny subdivision, the bored torturer melts ants with the magnifying glass— and pulls the rubber bumper off his sneaker

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R.I.P. to the Rathole Blues

I remember rippin’ through the Rathole that yellow tunnel under twenty-two tracks 109th Street’s downtown rumble with two-way close contact the roar was muffler reverb pedestrians could get soaked a truck once took my sideview as the exhaust vapors hung … Continue reading

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sidewalks #2

sidewalk surfers ride over cracks no trouble pink chalk lines, gum— the hopscotch bubble twirling ropes singing double-dutch skipped —and my summer cone is chocolate dipped

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sidewalks #1

marbles or jacks— the playing stops don’t step on that crack or you’ll break your mama’s back— and thrown away garbage gum is sticking to your flipflops

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