the invasion of Three Hills

the Angels are in Three Hills

steel horses, Harleys, hogs

they’re makin’ lots of noises

like a bunch of howlin’ dogs


their plates all say, ONTARIO

and they got a white support van

but he can’t go as fast as them so

the Mounties nab this man


the red coats get ’em all pulled over

at the Three Hills intersection

checkin’ license, tags and papers

askin’ ’bout their destination


leathers, badges and bandanas

panheads, knuckleheads and Crown Vics

this highway shoulder’s a punk parade

cops are bustin’ chops and licks


no guns, no harm, no foul

no drugs or warrants for bad men

the red coats gotta let ’em go

back on these roads again


the Angels have invaded but

they’re harmless as blue pills

a little rowdy and rambunctious

they’ll be camping in Three Hills


meetin’ the southwestern chapter

of the Alberta anarchy patrol

they say they’ll keep it peaceful

so our Mounties let ’em roll


the Angels are in Three Hills

steel horses, Harleys, hogs

they’ll keep on makin’ noises

and howlin’ halos like free dogs

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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