the skunk and green nightie

she’s a blue jean cosmopolitan

a sophisticatedly sober soothsayer

I’m the drunk skunk long tongue

the wine-soaked word player

looking at the red meniscus

this Nippon nose now knows

she’s a sweet, full-bodied bodicus

and my sensei sensitivity grows


drunk as a skunk

oh, my funk

‘n Wagnalls is

dictionary dysentery

Jimminy’s cricket-sy

and lemony snicket-ry

look at me

true blue Lenin

but Trotsky-like too

these naked commissars

are prancing rapscallions

with coils of

dis-Oliving Oyls

flowing through the night


you’re drunk, she said

I’m not, I’m writing

no, you go to bed

and don’t be biting


oh, Sweets

that’s such a pretty

green nightie

stretched so tightly

a yawn and a burp

and a toothpaste kissy

good nighty

good nighty

good nighty

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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