why Saint City?

why Saint City?

a ghost of a saint asks me—

because of yoga



because I meet a woman

in tight Russian track pants

in hot yoga in Saint City

and she is hot

she takes me to an amazing Thai restaurant there

through the Pad Thai we talk about life

she is wise and I fall in love with her eyes

she calms my monkey mind

and we live on Mission Avenue next to the mighty Sturgeon


why Saint City?

because my childhood friend

has lived on Desmarais Crescent with his wife

for twenty years

taxes are high, he says

it’s a good place to raise our kids

he says

although our house has flooded twice

and Desmarais means swamp in French


why Saint City?

art in public places, man

with our public money, man—

sand mandalas that should blow away

but are kept under glass, ass

expensive paintings on roadways

that wear away, ‘cuz it’s the road, man!

1.5 million dollar traffic circle art, what?

but Lavoie’s mural of a girl

well spent, well spent


why Saint City?

because there are

big city things with that small town vibe

because I want to live in a place with

a grain elevator and a museum

and an old downtown that paints new parking lines every year—

with new cross walks on St. Anne… every year


why Saint City?

synchronistic traffic signal speed—

six lane snail trail or drag strip?

yeah folks can be conservative

but the earners are progressive

they drive fast, especially the women

and this city likes their black boxes

that’s why I paid $1,200 in photo radar one year


why Saint City?

I say


because the saints are here

on Mission Hill

and planted soldiers stand tall

on Gate Avenue

because I walk through

the old cemetery and read history or ride

down along the river to the trestle bridge

and still smell creosote


why Saint City?

because a flock of pigeons

live under the Perron Street bridge

and believe it or not

they control the city

with the monster goldfish

who’ve grown legs

and can’t be killed


why Saint City?

he asks—

because when we move to Nevada Place

six of our new neighbors help us build a fence

that we don’t need

because good neighbors

become good friends


why Saint City?

I say

I do—

because we were married in

Father Lacombe’s log chapel

on a sunny June day

and live

happily ever after



that’s why Saint City




About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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