exit 25

exit from a .25 caliber

exit in his twenty-fifth year

body dumped by the dumpster

his girlfriend’s screams are clear

flashing lights and crime scene tape

cops are asking questions

residents saw a black SUV

speed away from this location


a mom saw it from her window

and read about it in the news

she felt for the young victim

felt another mom’s deep death blues


but seems Evan T. was a bad, bad boy

at least that’s what

a bad boy blog had read

Evan T. messed with all kinds of kids

and many had ended up dead

but when you double deal with the Russian mob

you’ll get your just dessert

you better not fuck with Moscow Bob

or he’ll put in you the dirt


was Evan T. a cheating pusher man?

a double dealer dealing all bad hands

did he mess with kids?

screw with the mob?

did he really fuck

with Moscow Bob?


if you read a bad boy blog

like we did

you might form a sad opinion

the reality is we’ll never know and

there’s two sides to a door kicked open


exit from a .25 caliber

exit in his twenty-fifth year





About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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