now Dufy’s in my head

pinks and reds can go together

they do in nature, she said

now I’ve been bit by a feral dog—

and Dufy’s in my head


walls of strident haute color

wild beast brush stroke -er

the painting space all bathed

a bathing place is saved

with optimistic laughing gowns

bringing in the happy clowns

the chic parties, musical events

luxury and carefree elegance

sparkling news of the Côte d’Azur

yachting views— a regatta, bien sûr


Fauvist goofy Dufy’s red

pink and ink scenes in my head

floating on those nautical blues

spilling on my suede boat shoes

the figures squiggled are alive

on hues so jiggled to jam and jive

all is big and billboard bold

colors hot with nothing cold


July in Le Havre with a Mexican orchestra

people on the Paris quay— a smiling face, the gay Falaise

beach at Sainte-Adresse to nighttime arcades of Vallauris

the casino of Nice funding boats at Martigues

this house in Marrakech could or races with Goodwood

and Claudine from behind fills— that basin of Deauville’s


gallant green bags, tricolor victory cock

valiant sailing flags or an orange wind sock

Amphitrite and La Fée Électricité

the blushing brushes wonderfully

a wet jetty to the fruit bowl pool

and splash some color here, Raoul

and splash some color here, Raoul


your pure romancing hits the mark

with pretty parasols prancing in the park

no worldly dramas dancing in the dark

dark dead—

because red

and pinks can go together

they do in nature, she said

and I’ve been bit

by the wild beast—

now Dufy’s in my head

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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