punk’d chop suey on Omaha

punk’d chop suey on Omaha

junk chow mein made Medicine Hat

funky foo young from Moose Jaw

chunky kung pao phat fat

stinky tofu Toledo

szechuan smells up Saskatoon

bird’s nest soup is Amarillo

dim sum fights high noon

sweet ‘n sour sin Cincinnati

peking duck poo Pitt

monkey mooncakes over Miami

wonton T-Dot dumplings it


buddha’s delight

makes my stomach tight

in these emperor’s clothes

I plug my nose—


flower mushroom frog

silver fish eggs, boiled dog

plucked pigeon with spiced salts

deep-fried tofu curd balls

five colors fish cake

lotus seed pod bake

crab apple black bean soup

old duck stewed bamboo root

and, shoot

jade rabbit sea cucumber?

I don’t wanna remember


msg at the Dragon Pearl

gave me wicked headaches, the

evil chopsticks twirled then curled in

bad dreams of pickled water snakes


there’s a dish in every town

punk’d with the funky junk—

I’ll keep on eating

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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