Honus was the Dutch

his card’s a pricey job

The Sultan of Swat

Babe, Bambino Ruth

a Georgia Peach, Ty Cobb

Gentleman George is third

Gorgeous .420 in ’22

Hornsby even better

.424, that Rajah dude

Gehrig had them next

Buster, Iron Horse or Lou

Jimmie Foxx equals Double X

Francis, Lefty of O’Doul

Teddy Ballgame of the Sox

was Splendid Splinter too

Stan the Man

of the Cards fan

sent it airborne in St. Lou

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

The Yankee Clipper same

Satchel Paige

Josh Gibson

don’t need another name

Jackie broke the barrier tough, son

Hank, he started Hammerin’

the Maris and Mantle race of ’61

M&M Boys just a-slammin’ ’em

then there’s Willie Mays

The Say Hey Kid

but what about poor Shoeless Joe?

did he do what he did?

say it ain’t so, Joe


I don’t think so

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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