poncho ’59 or ’61

this Poncho Catalina ’59

is a big ol’ Super Duty

with star-tipped fins, oh so fine

she’s a fifties steel beauty


split grille with quads are lookin’ sweet

call it dart or arrowhead

no silver streaks on this clean chief

it’s wide-track low instead


8 lug wheels are spinnin’ free

whitewalls are nice ‘n fat

under the hood is 3-6-3 h.p.

Tri-Power is where it’s at


starry steering wheel’s a piece of art

the dash is space-age gauge attack

jet designs in bench vinyl part—

“You got it, Pontiac!”


now Poncho Bubbletop ’61

is a light as a feather H T

my mean-a Catalina’s lots of fun

just hop in and see


Tri-Power is three-eighty-nine

she’s plenty horses hot

4 speed gears lay it on the line

to give Poncho all it’s got


Bubbletop look is the ’61 bliss

all this glass is class

and these leather bucket seats just kiss

my racy little ass


split grille with quads are lookin’ sweet

call it dart or arrowhead

no silver streaks on this clean chief

it’s wide-track low instead


so ’59 or ’61

baby, you can’t go wrong

Pontiac built excitement fun!

and Catalina’s Poncho strong

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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