excerpt from Dick Lovely

Bamboo Chopsticks Restaurant, Toledo, Ohio – 1954

     I tried desperately to swallow a forkful of Hau Long’s so-called, ‘Special’. There was nothing special about it. The Koreans had made better slop out of dog, during the war. I knew most old opium smokers made better chow than this crap.

    “What is this, cat or rat?” I barked at Hau, who was sitting in the booth behind me.

    “It pawk, not rat!” Hau barked back. “You want rat, go next door,” Hau cackled hysterically.

    “Hey, Hau Long? How long til you get some real food in here?!” I laughed back.

    Hau got up to face me, “You don’t rike, Ruvery, puck you!” Hau shook his chopsticks at me. “Order cheeburger next time!”

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A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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