Kitten vs. A Scary Thing

“hello there, kitty—“

whispers the yellow killer

cue the film score

for this linoleum thriller!


an ‘alien’-themed anthem starts to sing

and the white-pawed approach is light

what is this yellow, scary thing

with its stationary might?


catnipped kitty is a brave, little stalker

with a furry, arch-backed killing stance

but the tennis ball is an evil mocker

and rolls but doesn’t dance!


spastic-stringed puppet pouncer

who pulls those cords for feline?

he can’t get close to get the bouncer

his courage is on the short line


retreat is imminent, back to bed

kittycat scared away

“I’ll come back and attack,” he said

“on another thrilling day!”


“goodbye, kitty—“

mocks the yellow ball

“I’ll stay here and wait—“

the score is done and that is all

’til again they tempt their fate!

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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1 Response to Kitten vs. A Scary Thing

  1. troysherdahl says:

    This poem was written as a little challenge. A friend asked me to watch a YouTube video entitled, “Kitten vs. A Scary Thing”. I watched it twice and wrote this down in about 3 minutes. I think it rocks!

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