show and shined

old skool scalloped scrapin’ pavement

ghost flames bagged to the ground

hot rod in old Henry’s steel

Hemi Dueces all around


custom Chevy ’52

is a fatty fendered cruiser

rat rod’s a rusty one

but it’s NOT a paintless loser


from Big Daddy to Bo Huff

slammed iron’s on display

it’s a fifties hop up manifesto

of Detroit steel’s golden day


frenched, shaved and decked too

pin-stripes on flat black suede

chopped top and patina-kissed

the koolest kustoms are handmade


V-8 runs great

a Stovebolt six will do

rolled up denim, monkey wrench

and tuck ‘n roll for two


leadsleds with tiki heads

a Merc will get some smiles

but let’s not see a trailer queen—

it hasn’t run ten miles


hubcap heaven on painted steelies

Strombergs, headers, glass packs too

wide the whitewalls and Olds spinnies

the old bias plies bought new


it’s at that local car show

pin-up Betties and lots of tats

those cats piled up with pompadours

bring their kustoms, rods and rats!

About troysherdahl

A blue-collar bohemian with a penchant for fine words and dirty jeans.
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